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[market] analysis of biological medical materials in the field of medical equipment

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Biomaterials have long been used in human life. In about 3500 BC, the ancient Egyptians will use cotton fibers, as horsehair suture wound. However, the clinical use of the first time until the end of nineteenth Century. In 1886, the first steel and nickel plated steel were successfully treated. So far, the human body in addition to the brain can be used in a variety of organs.

China's biological materials started relatively late, development so far, there are still serious homogenization of competition, lack of innovative products and other issues. In recent years, the development of biological industry has attracted the attention of the government. According to the State Council issued the "12th Five-Year" national strategic emerging industry development plan ", the bio industry is one of the seven strategic emerging industries, and is expected to 2015, the average annual growth rate of the industry will achieve 20%.

Biomedical materials products accounted for as high as 50% of the medical device Market

Biological materials, also known as biomedical materials, are used to repair or replace the body tissue. In 2000 May, held on the island of Big-sland in Hawaii in the United States at the sixth session of the International Conference on biological materials, scientists define "biological material" word "is a kind of implant in the life system and life system or a combination of design material, and life can not afford pharmacological response".

At present, the actual use of biomedical materials including polymers, ceramics, metals and other artificial materials and natural biological materials, biological materials are widely used in the clinical medical metal materials, ceramic materials, biomedical materials, biodegradable materials, biomedical composite materials etc..

According to the relevant research and research, the development and production of biomedical materials in our country has been developing rapidly since the beginning of 1980s, and has become a new industry. At present, China's biomedical materials in clinical applications are mainly used as medical devices, which accounts for about 40%-50% of the medical device market.

As China gradually entered the aging society, the proportion of the treatment of body tissue and organ diseases increased, and a large number of high-quality biological products will have more demand. In July 2012, the State Council issued the "12th Five-Year" national strategic emerging industry development plan "also emphasized vigorously develop strategic emerging industries, including the development of Bio Industry and bio pharmaceutical industry is one of the first biological industry. And the State Council in December 2012 released the "Bio Industry Development Plan" shows that: the next three years, the average annual growth rate of biological industry reached more than 20%. By 2020, the biological industry will become the supporting industry of our country's economy.

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