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The weak market both offensive and defensive medical devices sector favored

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Market to a substantial adjustment to the end of the recent trend of the shock, the disk a large area of the callback, which, the medical device sector is relatively resistant to fall. From a fundamental point of view, according to the China Association for medical devices medical supplies branch sampling survey statistics, last year China medical devices market size of about 308 billion yuan, 255 billion 600 million yuan more than the 2014 annual growth of 52 billion 400 million yuan, an increase of about 20%. In fact, in recent years, China's medical equipment to achieve rapid development, and far more than the global level, according to statistics, in the period from 2001 to 2015, the overall size of the industry compound growth rate of about 22%, significantly more than about 5% of the world's compound annual growth rate.

From the performance point of view, the mid year net profit attributable to the parent company representing a substantial increase of medical device company is not in the minority, data show that in the middle of this year, Wright Edan Instruments Companies performance were doubled, while Huarun Wandong, Dean diagnosis, diving medical, medical Dunlop, Dirui medical, biological, and other Shang Rong medical science and technology, the company's interim net profit attributable to the parent company grew more than 20%, showing a good momentum of development.

In this regard, analysts said, by the end of the quarter part of the bank to return the funds as well as the National Day holiday approaching "cash money holidays" appearance effect, the recent market funds face more intense, therefore, the characteristics of short-term market structural market will be particularly prominent, the layout should focus more on the policy support, good fundamentals and recent the capital favored stocks, both offensive and defensive in the weak market.

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